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Top Rock Property Developers Pty (Ltd) trading as (MMP) is a registered company in terms of the laws that govern company registrations in the Republic of South Africa. MMP has acquired extensive experience in the property business and has been able to work in different market approaches in order to make a significant contribution towards housing numerous families within the country.

Our Services

MMP’s detailed service offering for the development of quality residential properties is as follows: i. An assessment and client consultation process to establish the client’s requirements for their proposed house. ii. An architecturally designed plan meeting the client’s area of affordability and preference is recommended – samples of MMP’s plans are available under gallery in this website iii. A stand in the area of the clients preferred area is selected from a variety of areas best suited for the client iv. An interview to obtain the necessary information and documentation to submit a home loan application is conducted


Over the years MMP Projects has completed numerous developments in various areas in Gauteng that consist of either modern international quality designer apartment lifestyle in a secure estate, affordable housing, luxury housing or RDP Housing.

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